The Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS) provides a suite of information products that will allow decision-makers in Uganda to mitigate the impacts of droughts and floods and enable them to take better-informed agricultural, environmental and water management decisions. The DFMS product takes data gathered by sensors in space and on Earth and turns it into information. Combined with the expertise of the DFMS user, this information becomes knowledge that allows informed decisions to be taken in specific areas.

Environmental Data

Multiple streams of environmental data from Earth observation satellites and sensors on the ground and in the water, along with meteorological forecasting models and data archives, are fed into DFMS where they are processed and combined.

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Those who have to make decisions around water, the environment and agriculture can now base them on knowledge from hydrologists, meteorologists, agronomists and other specialists who are better informed through using DFMS.

Water Management

Using established and newly created communications channels, informed decision-makers can advise farming communities on how best to exploit current conditions, and help them to mitigate the ongoing impact of climate change.

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Development Aid

This service provided by UK and Ugandan organizations, as well as charities, supports the farming communities of Uganda, who are the true beneficiaries of the DFMS product suite.