DFMS contributes to the mitigation of the impact droughts and floods in two ways:

  • By forecasting the probability of droughts or floods occurring, preventative actions can be taken with greater confidence.
  • By monitoring drought or flood conditions, direct responses can be more effective.

Information used by the DFMS products is sourced from satellite remote sensing data and data gathered in situ, with up to 30 years of historical data available from DFMS archives. Customers can choose from multiple products to match their needs.

DFMS Product Range

Hydrological forecasts

Forecasts for catchments and streamflow for 2, 7 and 90 days. Combine with 2- and 7-day weather forecasts plus water extent and height indices to identify areas prone to flash floods. (Source: VIC model)

Karamoja land cover

Dedicated land cover assessment for the Karamoja region based on 2018 data gives insight into the complex layers of vegetation that help prevent surface runoff, reducing the risk of flooding.

Earth Observation Data

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index

Indicator for healthy vegetation / 10m spatial resolution  / Refresh rate: 5 days / Uses Sentinel 2 satellite data

Soil Moisture

Indicator for water available to plant in the soil / 1k spatial resolution / Refresh rate: daily / Uses SMOS (Miras) and Metop (Ascat) satellite data

Burned Area Index

Identifies recent burned areas / 10m spatial resolution / Refresh rate: 5 days / Uses Sentinel 2 satellite data

Land Surface Temperature

Mixture of vegetation and soil temperatures / 1k spatial resolution / Refresh rate: daily / Uses MODIS & Landsat 8 satellite data

Water Extent

Water level relative to reference surface / Resolution targeted at specific point / Refresh rate: 10 days / Uses JASON satellite data