Use any of the following alone or in combination with other data to monitor and predict water, environmental and agricultural issues.

Compare with baseline data to visualise relative changes and anomalies.



Spatial resolution

Refresh rate

Satellite (instrument)

Water extent Area(s) covered by water and supersaturated areas. Use for drought and flood risk assessment, and to assess how long it will take wet areas to dry out. 20m ~ 12 days Sentinel-1A and 1B
Water height Water level relative to a reference surface. Use with water extent to predict flash flooding. Specific points ~ 10 days JASON
Soil moisture and evapotranspiration Indicates water available to plants in the soil plus how much is being lost through evaporation and plant transpiration. Use to identify limited water supply and risk of drought. 1km Daily SMOS (MIRAS), METOP (ASCAT)
Land surface temperature Mixture of vegetation and soil temperatures. Use with NDVI for agricultural drought monitoring. 1km Daily MODIS, Landsat 8
Normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) Indicates healthy, green vegetation. 10m ~ 5 days Sentinel-2
Burned area index Identifies recently burned areas. 10m ~ 5 days Sentinel-2