DFMS is an online service, provided through an internet-connected device, such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It provides both weather and hydrological forecasts for the next 2, 7 and 90 days.

Once the user is logged into the DFMS product suite, they are able to access the many information products and create a tailored dashboard with the products and for the geographical areas they are interested in.

Forecasts for 2, 7 and 90 days

The 2- and 7-day forecasts include predictions of rainfall, air temperature, wind speed, pressure, visibility, relative humidity, dew point, cloud amount and runoff.

  • 2-day forecasts are generated in 3-hour blocks; updated twice a day; at 4km resolution (source: UK Met Office Tropical Africa model).
  • 7-day forecasts are generated in 3-hour blocks; updated every 6 hours; at 20km resolution (source: UK Met Office MOGREPS model).
  • 90-day forecasts are updated every 2 weeks; at 60km resolution using GloSea5 source. It includes probability of rain for any user-defined threshold. Combine with drought indices to determine probability of future drought. The hydrological forecasts make use of the VIC model (Liang et al, 1994).
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